POR-15® Metal Prep, Clear Blue

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  • Easy to use aggressive water based metal etcher
  • Can etch any type of metal, even chrome
  • Insures perfect paint adhesion
  • Unlimited shelf-life
  • Insures corrosion resistance
  • Neutralizes corrosive chemical reactions between metal surfaces and coating solution
  • Improves welding conductivity

Product Description

POR-15® Metal Prep provides the best surface prep for ideal adhesion of POR-15® Rust Preventive Coating on any metal surface, including aluminum and polished metal surfaces. The POR-15® Metal Prep proprietary formula gently etches metal, creating an ideal anchor for coatings such as POR-15® Rust Preventive Coating and POR-15® Top Coat while simultaneously leaving a zinc phosphate coating to insure chemical bonding of paint and steel. POR-15® Metal Prep will neutralize any rust and etch any clean bare metal. POR-15® Metal Prep is a water-based product.

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