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Material: Automotive Art 1:1
Size: Half Pint
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We provide custom paint matching for nearly any color on any surface which can be applied across numerous industries, including:

  • OEM
  • Industrial Manufacturing
  • Aerospace
  • Motorcycle
  • Automotive
  • Construction
  • Industrial Maintenance
  • Military

In order to match colors successfully, we will need a painted part at least 4" square. Not all colors will need custom matching. If we find an existing paint that we feel is an excellent match, you will not be charged a color matching charge at all. We will notify you upon receipt of your part.

Please note
We are NOT be responsible for any damage or loss of the part you give to us. Do not provide a part which cannot be replaced! If no part can be provided, We accept complete vehicles.

Costs and Color Matching

You have two choices for paint matching.  

  • Hand matching is an exact match of the paint sample you provide us with. Our paint technicians carefully match the sample provided. It is a time consuming process and the cost for this is $15.00. If you require a paint formula for a hand matched paint, there is a one time charge of $50.00. This will only be necessary if you need to have this paint made in the future.


  • Computer scanning is a blendable scan. We scan the color and it produces a paint formula that is somewhat close to the color, but not exact. There is a $20 charge for computer scanning.

This 2 options don't include a spray out.

If a spray-out is required they will be a $20 additional fee. Please let us know in advance before color is picked up.

Hand match Vs Computer Matching for Metallic Finishes

For metallic automotive finishes, we recommend the hand match as the computer matching is usually not satisfactory. For solid colors, computer matching may be sufficient to produce a close match. Again, if you are painting an expensive vehicle, spend the money for the hand match.



We will match your color under natural light or simulated sunshine. Your color may look different under other lighting conditions.

Minimum Order

There's a minimum order quantity of half a pint in order for paint to be matched.

If desired we can add our customized paint on the following;

  • Touch up Bottle (+$2.50) 
  • Touch Up Pen    (+2.50)
  • SprayCan (+$12)


Paints We work with:

  • Automotive Art  (Solvent)
    • 2 Stage
    • Single Stage
  • GenVerde (Solvent Base)
    • 2 Stage
  • Wanda Plus (Water Base)
    • 2 Stage


 Service will be charged when Sample is Provided



Solvent Base Coat

Solvent Single Stage 

Special Effects



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