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The car wheel brush is durable and designed for medium to light-duty cleaning of wheels. It features a long-lasting PP handle and PVC hair, which is resistant to chemicals, making it suitable for pairing with various cleaning compounds. The brush is heat and pressure-resistant, ideal for cleaning car wheels. 

  • Light to Medium-duty cleaning that removes dirt and grime from wheels.
  • Reach deep into wheel wells for a thorough cleaning, with soft tips to reduce the chances of scratching.
  • The perfect combination of scrubbing power and gentle touch that is a superior clean that anyone can apply to their wash!

Car Wheel Brush - PVC Bristles, PP Handle, 8" Long

The car wheel brush is medium to light-duty for cleaning the wheels. Crafted from a PP handle and PVC hair, it is long and durable. The PVC brush bristles are highly resistant to chemicals, which often damage the brush. This property allows you to use any cleaning compound with this wheel brush while it is resistant to heat and physical pressure, ideal for cleaning car wheels. The durable and high-density hairs are firmly embedded in the handle, offering additional strength for hard cleaning work. In addition, the dimensions and weight of the brush are perfect for the car wheel washing process before proceeding to other processes. 

Versatile Car Wheel Brush 

With its stiff but soft, flagged tip bristles, durable plastic backing, and ergonomic handle, the Brush is the ideal tool to clean wheels.

Scratch-free, Non-abrasive, and Chemical-resistant Wheel Brush

Crafted from specially made bristles, it prevents the brush from leaving scratches while chemical-resistant. It is durable yet non-abrasive.


Dimension and weight: 8(L)x3(W)x3(H) inch, Hair length 2.25 inch, 7.1oz

PVC hair diameter: 25mm, Material: PP handle & PVC hair, Color: Red

Car Wheel Brush

Features and Benefits:

  • Strong Brush Hairs for Deep Cleaning
  • Handle with a Pre-Built Hole for Hanging
  • Durable, Chemical Resistant Handle
  • Use with Any Cleaning Chemicals
  • Brush Options: Medium-Duty Wheel Cleaning Brush

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