HIT.HFP161C-1 FP Base Coat, White Diamond Pearl, GL, Compliant


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  • High quality, polyester composition
  • Simple inventory control
  • Factory pack colors are blendable to match many OEM paint codes
  • Can pour off gallons to quarts and pints
  • Can be tinted with any high quality basecoat
  • May be top coated with any high quality clear
  • May be mixed with any high grade urethane reducer (recommended at 1:1 mix ratio)
  • Factory pack basecoats available in gallons and quarts (18+ colors available)
  • Easy to Use
  • Price 62-64% less than major paint manufacturers’ lowest offerings
  • Eliminates the need to mix quarts and pints all day
  • Simple inventory control
  • Size: gallon
  • Color: White Diamond Pearl
  • OEM color code: GM WA-800
  • VOC compliant

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