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Dupli-Color® Headlight Restoration Kit is a two-can system that restores and protects faded headlight lenses. Over time, UV exposure from sunlight can cause oxidation and fogging of plastic headlight lenses, which can have a negative effect on their ability to emit light. This simple two-can system is designed to restore headlight clarity and provide a long lasting UV protective clear coat. The kit consists of a professional grade aerosol spray polish and an easy-to-use aerosol clear coat.

Features, Benefits and Technical Information


  • Restores Faded Lenses
  • Provides Lasting UV Protection
  • Easy 2-Step Process
  • Includes Spray Polish and Clear Coat


  • Application Humidity Level

    Less than 60-70%

  • Application Temperature

    Between 60°F (16°C) and 95°F (35°C)

  • Dry to Touch

    1 Hour

  • Handle In
    2 Hours
  • Paint Type
  • Application Tips

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