EAG.1912507 KOVAX® Super Assilex Sanding Sheet, 130 mm W x 170 mm L, 1000 Grit, Aluminum Oxide Abrasive, Lime, Dry


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  • Fast and uniform coverage, leaves no unsanded areas
  • Extremely shallow scratch pattern, safe from "over-sanding"
  • Flexible contact, ideal for concave and convex areas
  • No scuffing compounds needed, no color residue to clean up
  • Time saving of 50 percent or more thus greatly improves productivity
  • Perfect for blending, light scuffing and primer finishing

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Product Description

Super Assilex® provides Fast and Uniform coverage with extremely shallow scratches, resulting from the combination of Ultra Flexible bonding and Super Sharp abrasives. Ideal for light sanding on all types of surfaces that demand shallow scratches, uniform finish and still can be done in the shortest time.

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