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Make sure your interior looks great, it’s the part you see the most!

3D LVP Conditioner is a multi-purpose interior cleaner and protectant that will allow you to keep your interior looking, smelling, and feeling great for years to come! 3D LVP Conditioner will provide protection and refreshment to any number of vinyl, rubber, plastic, or treated leather surfaces. 3D LVP Conditioner is the perfect choice if you are a person who prefers to avoid a high-shine finish on your interior surfaces. 3D LVP Conditioner dries to a subtle, light gloss that will leave your interior looking well cared for without causing glare!

There is a large majority of the detailing world today that focuses mainly on keeping the exterior of their car looking great and pouring most of their time there. However, there is any entire other part to your car that often goes surprisingly neglected even by those that try to take good care of the car. That part of the car is the interior. The interior of your car is just a susceptible to damage and fading as your exterior, but it is arguably more important to care for because that is the part of the car that you, the owner, sees the most! And your opinion is bar far the most important in these regards!

3D LVP Conditioner was designed to give those who want to keep their interior looking and feeling great a multi-purpose product that will allow them to do just that! 3D LVP Conditioner can be used on many different types of surfaces that are often found in the interior of modern cars. Vinyl, leather, rubber, and plastic constitute the vast majority of your interior surfaces, and all of them can be expertly cared for by using 3D LVP Conditioner!

3D LVP Conditioner is designed with a unique blend of conditioners, oils, and synthetic protectants that work together to provide a layer of protection to the surface, but also hydrate the surface and prevent it from drying out! This is an especially important consideration for leather interiors! In addition to conditioning and cleaning your interior surfaces, 3D LVP Conditioner can also provide light cleaning duty to prevent the build-up of harsh contamination on your interior surfaces!

Because the interior of your car is where you are going to be operating a heavy piece of machinery, usually traveling a speed faster than any human can run, glaring surfaces are an extremely safety risk! If the sun is reflecting off your dashboard and directly into your eyes, it would be quite difficult to keep a clear view of what is going on in front of your vehicle. This is why 3D LVP Conditioner does not have an extremely reflective finish to it. Instead, it dries to a low-sheen finish that will not be distracting while you are trying to drive.

Not for use on untreated leather. Shake well before using.
Apply a small amount of 3D LVP Conditioner to a damp microfiber applicator. Apply the product to the entire surface using a circular motion. Buff off any excess product with a clean, dry microfiber towel.

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