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Greatly reduces windshield glare!

3D Glass Cleaner will remove a large number of contaminants and messes that prevent your glass from being completely transparent. 3D Glass Cleaner is an alcohol-based cleaner that will leave a streak-free surface every time! 3D Glass Cleaner will quickly breakdown things like road-grime, smokers-film, grease, dirt, dust, and mud quickly and leave a perfectly clean surface behind. Because 3D Glass Cleaner doesn’t use ammonia in its formula, you can safely use it on your tinted glass without risk. You can even use 3D Glass Cleaner to expertly clean your plastic and chrome!

The glass surfaces on your car are some of the most important from a safety perspective. They provide a crucial barrier between you and the various hazards of which you are at risk while driving down the road. Especially if you are driving on the highway. In addition to this, they also do not hinder your ability to see what is going on around you and allow you to operate your car safely. Or at least, that is what the intention is… Glasses transparency is disrupted by a large number of different things and easily so. Once that transparency is gone, your glass becomes a huge safety concern! So, keeping your glass clean, is not only important for aesthetics, but for your safety as well!

3D Glass Cleaner is an alcohol-based glass cleaner that is even used in many professional applications to keep glass clean and transparent. 3D Glass Cleaner will provide a streak-free finish to your glass time and time again. The streak-free finish is all thanks to the alcohol base of 3D Glass Cleaner. Streaks are caused when too much product is used on the glass and is left to evaporate slowly off the glass. However, alcohol, by nature, evaporates very quickly and thus is much less likely to leave behind streaks after use!

3D Glass Cleaner is extremely effective at cutting through the main culprits of glass opacity and leaving behind a clear and clean surface. Road grime and smoker’s film are the two main causes for opaque glass surfaces. Road grime is caused when water collects the oil and tar that sits on the road and is then kicked up onto your glass by the tires of the car in front of you. Smoker’s film is a build-up of the oils, smoke, and carcinogens contained in cigarettes that collects on the glass surfaces. Both of these create a subtle film on the surface of the glass that builds up over time and becomes more and more opaque. 3D Glass Cleaner eliminates both of these thanks to the specialized cleaners it contains. These cleaners work to break-up the oils that act like the glue for road grime and smoker’s film. Once the glue is broken, these substances can be easily wiped off the surface of the glass!

Most after-market tints are extremely susceptible to ammonia-based cleaners. The ammonia breaks down the adhesive in the tint and causes it to peel off and separate from the glass. 3D Glass Cleaner does not contain any ammonia, making it perfectly safe for glass that has been treated with after-market tint.

Spray 3D Glass Cleaner directly on the glass surface. Then use a clean and dry microfiber towel to wipe it off to a clear, streak-free finish!

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