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Your rubber and vinyl will thank you!

3D Ultra Protectant make detailing your interior rubber and vinyl easy and fast. The finish you’ll get out of 3D Ultra Protectant will have you enjoying the interior of your car for more that just liking how your car drives! 3D Ultra Protectant does not finish with a greasy feel that some other interior protectants do. Applying 3D Ultra Protectant is easy and fast thanks to the spray-on formula. 3D Ultra Protectant will stay on the surface for a long time, providing your interior with durable UV protection to prevent fading and cracking!

There is no reason that you should avoid detailing the interior of your car, especially since it is where you spend most of the time while you’re driving. Your interior’s rubber and vinyl are usually the most sensitive interior surfaces. This is due to how they are affected by the harmful UV ray that will often bare down on them from the windshield. 3D Ultra Protectant will provide these surfaces with the vital protection from these harmful UV rays to keep them looking their best well into the future!

3D Ultra Protectant will not JUST keep your rubber and vinyl protected though! You will also notice that 3D Ultra Protectant gives these surface and incredible and awe-strikingly beautiful sheen. Your interior rubber and vinyl are sure to look even better than it did when you first bought your car! Make sure your interior looks just as good as your exterior does!

You won’t have to worry about spending all day applying 3D Ultra Protectant either. Actually, thanks to the spray-on formula, applying 3D Ultra Protectant will take minutes and the very longest! Considering the amount of rubber and vinyl that most interiors have, this will be a huge convenience!

3D Ultra Protectant isn’t like other interior protectants that fade and wear out over the course of a few days, leaving your interior just as vulnerable as it was before! 3D Ultra Protectant is a long-lasting protectant that will keep these surfaces thoroughly safe for quite some time. You may even forget that it is there if not for the wonderful gloss it leaves on the surface!

And you won’t have to worry about the uneasy and gross greasy feeling your rubber and vinyl has after using some other interior protectants. 3D Ultra Protectant dries completely and has a smooth, non-greasy finish!

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