3D.703 Magic Blue Dressing

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It’s called “Magic” for a reason!

3D Magic Blue Dressing was designed as a “catch-all” dressing to use on pretty much every solid surface of your vehicle. 3D Magic Blue Dressing can be used effectively on any trim, vinyl, molding, bumper, or tires on your vehicle. The high viscosity of 3D Magic Blue Dressing will ensure that it does not run down the surface while you are trying to apply it in the more minute and niche areas of your car. 3D Magic Blue Dressing is water resistant, so it will aid in preventing water spots from forming on your vehicle. The long-lasting glossy finish will have you truly believing just how Magical this product is!

The more porous surfaces of your car tend to be the most difficult to protect. All of your plastic, vinyl, and rubber trim, tires, etc. can’t be protected with your standard paint protection products. Because of the porosity of these surfaces, it is nearly impossible for most protection products to properly adhere to the surface. And even worse than that, most waxes and sealant will even dry to an unappealing crust on any porous surface! With all of this in mind, you usually have to be quite picky when it comes to selecting how you are going to protect your trim, tires, etc. Well, that is unless you have a MAGIC up your sleeve!

3D Magic Blue Dressing is actually designed to be used on any and all of the porous surfaces listed above! 3D Magic Blue Dressing actually works to fill the pores in these surfaces and forming an even layer on the surface. Because gloss comes from how smooth the surface is, the fact that 3D Magic Blue Dressing fills and levels the surface, you will notice an intense level of gloss!

3D Magic Blue Dressing was designed to be easier to apply than most dressings you are used to. Most dressings need to be sprayed on the surface, this means that you can run into over spray on your rocker panels when you are trying to dress your tires. Instead of requiring being sprayed on the surface, 3D Magic Blue Dressing is thicker and meant to be applied with the use of an applicator. The thick formula won’t be as strongly affected by gravity that is trying to pull it down the surface of your car. While other dressings would easily run down the surface and get on anything in their path, 3D Magic Blue Dressing stays right where you want it!

Probably the most appreciated aspect of 3D Magic Blue Dressing is the fact that it will greatly increase the level of water resistance on the surfaces to which it is applied. If water isn’t able to stick to the surface and instead just runs right off, it takes all those minerals with it! You will be able to reduce the risk of water and salt spots occurring on your exterior rubber, plastic, and vinyl.

Only apply 3D Magic Blue Dressing to a surface that is cool to the touch and out of direct sunlight.
Apply 3D Magic Blue Dressing to an applicator and spread it over the surface in a thin and even layer. Wipe off the excess product using a clean and dry microfiber towel. All 3D Magic Blue Dressing to dry completely to reduce the risk of slinging.

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