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Maximize the cleaning potential of your weekly wash!

3D Super Pre-Soak will allow you to achieve a much higher level of clean with your weekly maintenance wash. The high pH formula of 3D Super Pre-Soak breaks down and dissolves grime, road film, and dirt that rest on your paint faster than your standard car shampoo. 3D Super Pre-Soak is easily and quickly rinsed off afterward to ensure that no residue or product is remaining on the surface. 3D Super Pre-Soak is an ideal product for use in a professional detailing business or body-shop due to its VOC compliant and body-shop safe formula.

Washing your car weekly is fantastic way to keep your car clean and protected from the contaminants that plague it. However, the process of washing your car with a regular car shampoo requires a lot of agitation to properly clear the contaminants off the surface. This agitation is the reason for annoying and persistent washing-induced swirls that are constantly stealing the luster from your paint.

3D Super Pre-Soak will greatly reduce the amount of agitation you will need to properly clean your car during your weekly wash. 3D Super Pre-Soak is able to accomplish such a grand feat by cleaning a dissolving the majority of the contaminants off your paint without the use of agitation. This mean that when you wash your car with your standard car shampoo, you won’t need to use nearly as much agitation to achieve your desired results.

Instead of requiring the use of agitation during the cleaning process, 3D Super Pre-Soak uses a high-pH formula that is able to dissolve and clean the contaminants of the surface without the need for scrubbing. No scrubbing, no scratches!

Best of all, once you are finished with your pre-soak, you don’t have to worry about 3D Super Pre-Soak staying behind on the surface when you move on to your standard wash. 3D Super Pre-Soak was formulated to be incredibly easy to rinse off with just a strong jet of water!

If you run a professional detailing business or a body-shop, chances are that you are looking for a pre-soak that is able to meet your high-volume needs. 3D Super Pre-Soak is the perfect product to fill those needs! With its highly concentrated formula, 3D Super Pre-Soak will save you plenty of money and prevent the need to re-order your product more frequently.

Dilution Ratio: 3D Super Pre-Soak can be diluted up to 1800:1 and dilution needs vary based on individual needs. Typical dilution needs will range between ½ oz. per 5 gallons of water and 1 oz. per 5 gallons of water.

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