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What is 3D Pink Car Soap?

3D Pink Car Soap is our rich, foamy, pH balanced car wash shampoo that washes your car without dulling the paint or removing any wax layers. Our premium car wash soap is formulated to be gentle and safe on your paint, and works like a charm, no matter how often you prefer to wash your car.


Why Use 3D Pink Car Soap?

3D Pink Car Soap is an effective and easy rinse, scratch free car shampoo that removes the toughest dirt, grim, and road film without dulling your paint's surface. The foamy soap suds work to get rid of all the dirt on your paint's surface, making it easy for you to rinse your car for instant results and shine.

3D Pink Car Soap Benefits

  • Rich, pH balanced formula
  • Easy rinse & scratch free
  • Safe on any color paint
  • Removes dirt, grim, and road film
  • Doesn't dull paint surface or remove wax layers
  • Highly concentrated to make tons of foam
  • Perfect for your scheduled washes
  • Use with a foamer or water bucket and wash mitt

How Do You Use 3D Pink Car Soap?

3D Pink Car Soap can be used with a garden hose or pressure washer foamer or in a clean bucket with water and a wash mitt. Rinse the car down with clean water prior to applying the shampoo onto your car. We recommend using 1-2 ounces of soap in your foamer or bucket, but for the foam and suds lovers, feel free to use as much soap as you like. If you are using a foamer, we still recommend you go over the entire car with a wash mitt while the soap is still on the surface. Rinse off with clean water and dry with a clean microfiber towel.





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