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Keep your waxes lasting!

3D Wash N Wax is an incredible product to clean and maintain your waxed and protected vehicles. The carnauba contained in 3D Wash N Wax will fill in any missing portions in your wax protection that may have dwindled due to normal wear and contamination, greatly extending the lifetime of the wax. 3D Wash N Wax also provide a thorough clean without the use of high or low pH cleaning solvents. This allows 3D Wash N Wax to avoid doing any extensive damage to your car while you are washing! 3D Wash N Wax is easy to rinse off, leaving less residue behind to dry to a crust on your paint!

The ritual of waxing your car is a long-held and well-practiced one, but it can get a bit tiresome having to do it as often as it is required. In fact, it is quite often that people will simply let their paint protection cease rather than have to go out and wax their car as frequently as is necessary. This is pretty understandable when you consider just how frequently that actually is, but ultimately, it is your paint’s condition that suffers the consequences to this lapse of duty. However, there is a few methods to make the chore of waxing your car a bit less cumbersome and much less frequent!

3D Wash N Wax will re-apply some of the carnauba that wears off your paint as you drive around. This allows you to go a longer period of time in between car waxes, and greatly extends the life time of your wax’s protection quality! All you have to do is just use 3D Wash N Wax during your weekly car washes, and you will be strengthening and extending the gloss, duration, and durability of your carnauba wax! If you do not already have a layer of wax protection on your car, 3D Wash N Wax can still be used to effectively clean and provide a little bit of protection as a stand-along product.

In addition to providing some protection and wax-extension properties, 3D Wash N Wax also provides and thorough clean to your car as well. The cleaner agents contained in 3D Wash N Wax are effective at breaking-down dirt, mud, road film, debris, and various other risks to which your paint is exposed. 3D Wash N Wax even does all of this while using an entirely pH-balanced formula! This means 3D Wash N Wax will greatly reduce the risk to your paint while cleaning without sacrificing the level of clean you receive!

Whenever you are using a wash and wax product, you want to make sure to rinse the surface thoroughly. If you do not, then the wax in the product can dry onto the surface irregularly and leave a, unsightly crust. However, 3D Wash N Wax was designed to avoid this potential risk by having a special easy to rinse off formula. 3D Wash N Wax will be easily rinsed away with a strong jet of water and will not linger on the paint to dry-up and ruin your car’s impeccable look!

Dilute 1:128 (Product:Water) in a wash bucket. Use a strong jet of water to mix and activate the foaming suds. Soak your preferred car washing mitt/sponge/brush in the solution and then wash the entire car surface. Rinse 3D Wash N Wax off the car thoroughly with a strong jet of water. Then use your preferred drying towel/blower to dry the car completely!

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