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Wipe it down for a prepped surface!

3D Wipe is a cleaner formulated to help you clean the surface of your car before applying a layer of protection. 3D Wipe does not contain any oils that can cause bonding issues when you apply a protective wax, sealant or coating. In fact, 3D Wipe will remove and oils and grease allowing for the perfect surface for a coating to be applied. 3D Wipe is body shop safe, can be applied to almost all surfaces and is easy to apply.

Before applying a coat of protection, it is important to make sure that surface is prepped and ready to go. This means it needs to be free of any oils or grease on the surface that would harm the bonding process. With 3D Wipe, you don’t have to worry about lingering oils affecting the protection you wish to add.

3D Wipe is an essential preparation step to use before applying a protective coating. This product will easily remove dirt, dust and polishing oils from the surface, that way you won’t come across any issues when it comes to the protective coating from bonding to the surface. Before applying any protective coating, you should wash and dry the surface, then use 3D Wipe to finish the preparation.

3D Wipe is body shop safe, making it the perfect product for a detailer at any level to be able to use. All your surfaces can be prepped and ready to be protected as this product can be applied to paint, glass, plastic, rubber and metal. Best of all, 3D is easy-to-use! All you have to do is spray on and wipe off, no additional tools (other than a microfiber towel) or experience necessary. Save time, money and energy by using 3D Wipe.

-Spray the surface.
-Use a clean microfiber towel to wipe off remaining product.
-Apply as many times as needed.

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