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SOFT-SANDERS™ were designed by a professional body man for body men to provide them with an innovative manual sander that would both improve their efficiency and the quality of their work. 
Consisting of six different profiles in three densities the SOFT-SANDERS™ can be reconfigured to take the shape of ANY surface being sanded and hold that shape when used in conjunction with PSA sandpaper that “locks” the desired shape into place until the task is finished. 
Custom fabricators and restoration techs will easily sand the difficult shapes found on auto bodies, bumper covers, ground effects, drip rails, door jambs, and engine bays and will be able to shape all outer body panels such as big fenders and flairs with ease and uniformity. 
Interior work encountered by car audio customizers involving such things as speaker pods, dashes, center counsels and other modifications can be done in a fraction of the time no matter whether the substrate is metal, fiberglass, plastic fillers, or composite materials. 
The blocks are super light weight and flexible yet can be made as stiff as a pipe simply with the application of our own SUPER-FLEX® pressure sensitive sandpaper that comes both dry and wet/dry in grits ranging from 60 to 2500

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