Flexible High Density Body Filler, 600 mL Tin, Black, Paste, Flexible High Density

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Skip the gun, cartridge and tip and switch to U-POL® 7061. Fix road rash, hole throughs, and other flexible repairs with 7061 Flexible High Density Body Filler. Versatile enough to use on a variety of substrates, and specially designed for flexible plastics.


  • Solvent proof in 15 to 20 min
  • Ideal for repairing bumpers - feather edges perfectly into plastic and dries very flexible
  • Can be used with mesh for hole through and tab repairs
  • Fast drying and very easy to sand
  • More efficient than other plastic repair options, no need to buy a gun, cartridge or tip
  • Use with reinforcement mesh for hole through repairs and tab repairs
  • Fixes road rash and deep gouging on bumpers

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