SON.433300 SONAX "The Beast" Wheel Cleaner - 1L

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With SONAX Beast Wheel Cleaner dirt & contaminants have no chance!

Quicker color changing formula in a new economical 1 liter bottle.

Simply spray on cool, dry wheels, and allow to dwell 2-4 minutes.  Spray off with a pressure washer or strong jet of water.

Safe for all steel and light-alloy wheel rims - painted, chrome-plated, polished and matte rims. Does not attack the rim surfaces or wheel bolts. Suitible for tires with TPMS (Tire Pressure Monitoring Systems).

Please Note:

Do not apply in direct sunlight or to hot wheels. Do not allow to dry. Protect against freezing.

Directions For Use:

Shake bottle well. Turn the pump sprayer nozzle to the spray position and it's ready to go!

From a short distance, generously and evenly spray on cool dry wheels.

Allow to work for 2-4 minutes

The color of SONAX Beast Wheel Cleaner quickly turns red and unleashes its full cleaning power.

Remove especially beastly dirt & contamination with a brush - wear suitable protective gloves.

Rinse the cleaner completely off with a pressure washer or strong jet of water.

Product Size: 1L (33.8 oz)

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