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  • Helps protect vulnerable automotive surfaces from gravel, stones and other hazards
  • Matches medium to coarse OEM textures on rocker panels and valances
  • Designed for under-the-paint use as an original or replacement chip guard coating
  • Light grey coating is compatible with common automotive paints
  • Convenient spray application

3M™ Rocker Panel Coating is a resilient coating designed to protect vehicle surfaces where they are vulnerable – on rocker panels, and other lower auto body panels and parts exposed to impact from gravel and stones. Formulated to match coarser OEM textures, this coating forms an extra layer over primer and under paint. The light gray coating is compatible with many common automotive paints.

An Added Layer for Rocker Panels and Other Vulnerable Automotive Surfaces
Specifically developed to match medium to coarse OEM textures, 3M™ Rocker Panel Coating (PDF, 411.9 Kb) provides an additional layer of protection to vulnerable automotive surfaces. This spray-on formula is excellent for use on rocker panels, lower body panels and other areas which are more likely to be exposed to the impact of gravel and stones. It applies right from the can to primer coated panels and under top coats. The light gray coating is fully paintable and compatible with common automotive paints and paint systems. It resists chipping and abrasion, and reduces the chance of rust and exterior corrosion due to bare metal exposed to weathering.

For a typical application, 3M™ Rocker Panel Coating thickness (dry film two coats) is equal to 2 to 3 mils and a two-coat dry time @ 73°F (23°C) is roughly 60 minutes.

The Science of Collision Repair Coatings from 3M
3M has long been developing new ways to apply science to the lives of professionals in a range of industries including collision repair (PDF, 2.06 Mb). Our 3M™ Rocker Panel Coating is a great example — decades of knowledge in a product that delivers better results in time and quality even for the most specific jobs, and helps you get the most value and customer satisfaction from your entire operation.

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