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  1. Removes heavy defects/Imperfections: Designed to restore old and new paint finishes that have scratches, swirls, oxidation and etchings.

  2. Water based /Silicon free: Leaving behind little dust and compound residue its easily removable after polishing has been completed. Prepare for the application of a final protectant.

  3. Body shop safe/For all surfaces: High performance fine defect removal formula on clear coat, gel coat and single stage paints.

  4. Advanced Abrasive technology/Formula: The Maxcut cutting compound formula is newly designed with unlimited paint correction abilities. The abrasives break down on the polishing pad and paint finish to even the surface and remove all defects.


Manufacturer:Made In The USA



Capacity: 16OZ

Color:Light Green

Material:Cutting Compound




  1. Apply four pea-sized on to a polishing pad and spread evenly on the surface

  2. Continue covering a section at a consistent speed and applying medium pressure to the polisher.

  3. Finally using little effort buff off the remaining polish residue with a clean microfiber.


Tips: Ensure the surface is free of bonded contaminates and Shake well before using Keep polishing pads and surface clean during paint correction


Product description:

Maxshine Maxcut Cutting Compound will remove deep scratches, swirls and other imperfections with its abrasive cutting power.

The innovative cutting technology and high-quality ingredients used provide superior results on clear coat, gel coat and single stage paint finishes.

Maxcut Cutting compound offers extended working time on the polishing pad and surface that allows the compound to easily even the surface by removing defects.

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