MAX.RE Refresh Car Wash Shampoo -16oz / 1 Gallon

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  1. PH neutral

  2. High foaming action

  3. Does not strip wax or coating


Manufacturer:Made In The USA



The Refresh pH-neutral formula is a high foaming action car shampoo that will not cause damage to or take away from an existing wax, sealant or a coating.

Effectively removing dust, dirt and grime from your vehicle with a great scent! This solution works great for preparing a finish for correction and protection.



TOOLS NEEDED: Foam Cannon, Wash & Rinse buckets, Grit Guards, Wash Mitt/Pad.

  1. Pre-rinse the surface.

  2. Use 1-2oz/gal in a foam cannon or wash bucket.

  3. Evenly apply to surface, let soap adhere for 2-4 minutes and then rinse off.

  4. Evenly reapply foam, gently in a back & forth motion agitate the surface with a clean microfiber.

  5. Rinse off suds with pressurized water.



  1. Works great in a foam cannon!

  2. This shampoo can be used in all types of environments.

  3. Dilute to use as a clay lube.



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