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Not only does MaxShine care about your cars, we care about your furry friends too!

This set makes caring for your pets easier on you AND enjoyable for your animals. Make bath time for comfortable for you with MaxShine’s Kneeling Pad, and more efficient for them with the soft and super absorbent Mesh Microfiber Drying Towels. Make hair cleanup fun for them with soft and textured Silicone Gloves for brushing, and easier for you with the Carpet Lint and Hair Removal Brush for inevitable shedding.


Set Includes:

1pc x 7011023: Car Carpet Lint and Hair Removal Brush

1pc x 1130001B: Silicone Scrubbing Gloves

3pcs x 1045070P-SET: 20x20” 520GSM Mesh Microfiber Towel

1pc x MKP01: Kneeling Pad



Maxshine Car Carpet Rubber Brush features Electrostatic technology to attract fur and hair with magnetic-like results from your car’s carpet, upholstery, and rugs. Simply apply friction to the right surfaces, and the brush will generate a magnetic charge that will lift the debris into the rubber bristles, making it easy to discard!

Our Multi-Function silicone gloves are designed to remove dirt and grime buildup and assist in scrubbing difficult areas. Perfect for a multitude of tasks inside and outside the home, even great for brushing pets! Combined comfort and durability make these gloves a must have.

Maxshine’s Detailing Kneeling Pad is a must-have for any laborious job! This multi-purpose pad is great for Detailers, Mechanics, Construction Workers, DIYers, and more. Place in your work area and feel the comfort of working down low on your vehicle or around the house, all while saving your body from excessive strain.

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