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FEX Iron Remover and Wheel Cleaner is the perfect Detailer Chemical to remove iron-oxide and do your wheels look as new!


  1. Iron decontamination spray can remove iron-oxide, industrial fall out, break dust from painted finishes.

  2. It is pH neutral and does no harm to coated surfaces.

  3. FeX is biodegradable and acid free.


Manufacturer:Made In The USA



TOOLS NEEDED: ESS Brush, Pressure Sprayer.

  1. Evenly apply solution to surface.

  2. Allow time for solution to release imbedded contaminates.

  3. Agitate in tight-heavily contaminated areas if necessary.

  4. Rinse solution once you can clearly see the color difference after about 2-3 minutes.



  1. Don’t allow solution to dry on the surface.

  2. Remove stubborn break dust from wheels.

  3. Allow solution to turn purple before rinsing off.

Chemicals are essential for all detailers in completing a full service car wash. Soap for a hand car wash, cleaner for an interior car detail, conditioner for car seat cleaning, compound and polish to pair with your polishers, car wax to protect your car detail, and the list goes on. MaxShine’s extensive list of chemicals helps mobile detailers when they’re on the go and those offering their car detail service in their detail shop.



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