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Standard Colors
Alkyd-Resin (oil base) gloss enamels for interior or exterior use on metal, glass, wood, enamel receptive banners and vinyl, vehicle lettering, pinstriping and graphics. 1 Shot Lettering Enamels have outstanding hiding, durability and fade resistance. Superior flow characteristics assure the virtualabsence of brush marks and provide a clean, sharp edge.
Fluorescent Colors
Semi-transparent, high intensity UV reactive oil based flat finish paints with sparkling color clarity. For use on interior and veryshort-term exterior projects only, 1 Shot Fluorescent Colors should be applied over a white background for optimum intensity. Prone to showing brush marks and overlaps, 1 ShotFluorescent Colors should be sprayed, rolled, screen printed or applied in a single stroke fashion.
Pearlescent Colors
Oil based, high gloss enamels for exterior use on metal, glass, wood, vehicle graphics and pinstriping. Translucent rather than opaque,Pearlescent Colors may require underpainting and are subject to showing brush marks. Excellent for creating transparent washes and glazes when suspended in 1 Shot4003 clear. Pearlescent Colors display a brilliant luster under high intensity light or direct sunlight.


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