Finesse-it™ II Machine Polish

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  • Machine polish removes compound swirls from clear coat and delivers a high gloss, smooth surface finish
  • Excels at removing minor surface imperfections such as small scratches, swirl marks after compounding, and water spots
  • Designed for use on OEM and aftermarket automotive paints
  • Requires only light to medium pressure and minimum effort
  • Recommended for use with 3M™ Foam Polishing Pads on a rotary buffer or polisher

Our 3M™ Finesse-It™ II Machine Polish removes microfine scratches, swirl marks, light oxidation and other minor or everyday surface imperfections and returns car surfaces to a flawless, wet look shine. It is an excellent product to use following fine-grade sanding and requires only light to medium pressure for immaculate results.

Deliver a High Gloss Finish
3M™ Finesse-It™ II Machine Polish is designed for use on OEM and aftermarket automotive paints. Use our Finesse-It™ polish for removal of minor imperfections or as a final step to achieve a glossy surface before waxing. Suitable for either dark or light paint, this professional grade polish delivers a high gloss, glazed finish to bring car surfaces back to their original appearance.

Ease of Use, Fast Results
Our Finesse-It™ II Machine Polish cleans and smooths surfaces by removing a miniscule layer of sealant from the car surface, thereby removing scratches, dirt, swirl marks or other imperfections. Requiring only a minimum of effort, the polish enables technicians to gently but swiftly abrade flaws and restore the surface. For best results, we recommend applying the polish with 3M™ Foam Polishing Pads on a rotary buffer or polisher. Following this step, it is essential to protect the polished finish by following up with a quality protectant.

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