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Manufactured with a proprietary resin blend formulated for repair of both SMC and fiberglass, this resin does it all! Special adhesion properties assure a structurally-sound, worry-free repair; the thick, non-sag formula provides vertical hold for side panel and truck repairs. Use with fiberglass mat, cloth and tape. Tack and clog-free. Rust and waterproof.

Suggested Use(s)
Use to repair SMC and standard fiberglass panels, and custom molding. Can be used on SMC, fiberglass, wood, gel-coated polyester and epoxy. Prime with primer surfacer. Refer to paint manufacturer's instructions for final finishing. 

Mix Ratio
Add cream hardener (included) 4% by weight (equivalent to a 4” ribbon of cream hardener to 1-1/2 oz. of All Resin).

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