3M.05917 Weld-Through II Coating, 12.75 oz, Gray, 528 sq-ft Coverage

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  • Protects bare metal panels and parts from corrosion after welding
  • Zinc base draws away contact corrosion, leaving substrates strong
  • Convenient aerosol spray application
  • Dries in as little as 5 min before MIG welding for efficient throughput
  • Formulated for minimum weld spatter, helping prevent shop damage

Product Description

3M™ Weld-Thru II is a convenient aerosol coating designed to prevent corrosion between welded metal surfaces. Featuring a zinc base that draws corrosion away from bare metals, it helps prevent costly comebacks due to corrosion at welds. Spray coating applies fast, resists weld spatter common to some weldable primers and dries in as little as 5 min, increasing shop efficiency and productivity.

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