ORANGE PEEL  (Dry Spray- Poor Flow)

The paint has an uneven texture which is similar to the skin of an orange.


1. The spray gun is held too far from the surface being sprayed.

2. The spray pressure is too low and the atomization not fine enough.

3. The top coat is applied too lightly.

4. The spray application is too dry because the paint supply from the spray gun is set too low.

5. Viscosity of the paint is too high.

6. Thinner used is too fast for conditions or size of object.

7. Flash-off time too long between coats.


To avoid this effect only use the recommended spray techniques for the particular paint material. Select the thinner corresponding to the spray temperature and adjust the spray viscosity according to the manufacturer’s instructions.


If the effect is only minor, rub down with P 1200 paper and then treat with a fine polishing paste and a high gloss polish (silicone free). If the orange peel effect is very pronounced rub down with P 800 paper and then refinish.

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