Clouding appears like dark and light patches/shadows in a metallic finish.


1. The base-coat has been applied in uneven coats – too heavy or too light.

2. The flash off of the base-coat was too short between coats or before the clear-coat was applied. This can cause the metallic coat to be redissolved.

Result: The metallic and pigment particles float and change their position.

3. Too wet a spray application to the first clear-coat, causing a re-dissolving of the basecoat.

PREVENTION Spray the metallic base-coat evenly and not too wet. Ensure that the correct flash off time is allowed between coats or before the application of the clear-coat in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions.

REPAIR If cloudiness is visible before the clear-coat application, re-spray with base-coat thinned normally (do not over or under thin) and reduce the pressure of the spray gun. If clouding is only visible after the application of the clear-coat, sand the clearcoat when dry and re- coat with base-coat and clear-coat.

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